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What's “Cow Candy?” The short answer is...something moo-gical. Envisioned by a mom to be an everyday win for the average (super) mom and little tummies, Cow Candy brings children away from the over-processed over-sugared snacks in the grocery store. It excites them with the whimsicality and fun of the candy aisle, while maintaining all of the goodness of Wisconsin cheese and only natural ingredients. Cow Candy’s moo-naging director, Danyel O’Connor, explains it best: “I am a Wisconsin cheese head who wanted to see my children, nieces, nephews and friends’ little ones enjoy the goodness of cheese in a fun and exciting way. So, I created a playful cheese that could replace other less healthy snack options and become an everyday win for the average mom, like me!”



Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Fruit Punch; Grape; Green Apple; Orange; Strawberry
Forms: Stick

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