Platter of Edam

Edam and gouda originated in Holland over 800 years ago. The name "edam" comes from a town of the same name in southern Holland. The village of gouda shares the same valley. Originally, cheesemakers shaped edam into balls to roll down the gangplanks of ships for export, and since edam has a firmer texture than gouda, it maintained its round shape. This part-skim milk variety has a light, buttery, nutty flavor and a smooth, firm texture.



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Interior: Pale yellow Exterior: Red wax


Smooth, firm


Rich, buttery, slightly sweet


Add new flavor to twice baked potatoes and open faced sandwiches. Enhance creamed pasta dishes such as Fettuccine Alfredo with shredded edam. Create a fresh veggie frittata and top with edam or gouda.


Beer: Ciders & Fruit Beers, Stout, Brown Ale, Lager
Wine: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Champagne, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Beaujolais, Pinot Gris, Syrah/Shiraz
Spirit: Tequila Añejo

Performance Notes - Edam, typically made with skimmed milk, has a firm texture; therefore, it slices easily. Keep edam in your slicing case as well as your self-service case.

Recipes with Edam