Platter of Asadero

Spanish for baking, asadero is a rich Mexican-style melting cheese similar to queso oaxaca that is used for cooking. This cottage industry cheese comes in several variations. "Quesadilla," a relatively mild version of asadero, originated in Northern Sinaloa, Mexico. In Wisconsin, asadero is produced by combining the skill of our cheesemakers with the imported techniques of traditional Hispanic cheesemaking.



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Creamy, off-white


Creamy, smooth, excellent melting properties


Mild, creamy, slightly tangy


Use asadero on tostadas or nachos for flavor and texture; add diced onion, chili peppers, olives and tomatoes. Shred for quesadillas or add cubed asadero to tortilla soup. Make a Mexican white pizza with fresh tomato slices, shredded asadero, sliced onion, cilantro, diced roasted chilies and grilled chicken slices. Make Mexican lasagna using corn tortillas briefly fried and layered with tomato or tomatillo sauce. Add vegetables or meats. Each layer should contain generous amounts of shredded asadero. Try a dessert enchilada or taco. Use shredded asadero and diced fruit such as mango, papaya, nectarines or peaches. Sprinkle with a little nutmeg or cinnamon and a dusting of powdered sugar.


Beer: Ciders & Fruit Beers, Pilsner, Belgian Ale
Wine: Chardonnay


  • Muenster, Monterey Jack, Fontina, Queso Quesadilla, Oaxaca

Performance Notes - These Mexican-style cheeses are a favorite for cooking and will melt without separating or oiling off, even at relatively high temperatures.

Recipes with Asadero