Roth Snack Cheese Debuts in Deli Case

Spring '18 | Vol. 24, No. 3
Enjoy specialty cheese anytime, anywhere with a new collection of grab-and-go snack cheese from Roth® Cheese. Crafted from fresh Wisconsin milk, Roth Snack Cheese is available in 6- or 10-count bags of  individually wrapped servings in three varieties: Creamy Cheddar, Creamy Gouda, and Creamy Whole Milk Mozzarella

These premium snacks are low in calories and packed with protein, making a great addition to any  lunchbox or briefcase. Outside, the packaging has been carefully designed for evolving grocery deli cases with a unique net bag, peggable carrying handle and bright colors that pop on the shelf. 

• Available in 4.5-oz. bags of 6/.75-oz. individually wrapped packages
• Available in 7.5-oz. bags of 10/.75-oz. individually wrapped packages
• Available in 96 count bulk/.75-oz. single servings


Emmi Roth

Retail Contact

Tom Roberts, Emmi Roth
(208) 761-3999