Arena Cheese Turns Up The Heat on Monterey Jack

Spring '18 | Vol. 24, No. 3
In the rolling hills of Spring Green, Wisconsin, Arena Cheese handcrafts authentic original Wisconsin cheese made with locally sourced milk.

Spring Green™ Sriracha-Jack is a spicy twist on monterey jack cheese, and the latest addition to the company’s line of Spring Green™ branded cheeses. Marbled with spicy Sriracha throughout, this buttery cheese is distinctive in both color and flavor with a reddish hue and hints of spice in every bite. Arena Cheese is one of Wisconsin’s oldest cheese plants in the Wisconsin River Valley, with a long-standing reputation for producing award-winning Wisconsin cheese. 

• Available in 3-lb. and 6-lb. deli horns 
• Available in 14 lb. longhorns


Arena Cheese

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