Arena Cheese Spices Up Wisconsin Colby

FALL '18 | Vol. 25, No. 1
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Made with locally sourced Wisconsin milk, pimento and mild red bell pepper, Arena Cheese’s award-winning Spring Green™ Pimento Colby is a unique take on a Wisconsin favorite. The addition of pimento and bell pepper give this mild flavored cheese an added kick and makes it one of the company’s most popular cheeses for snacking or enjoying on a sandwich.
Spring Green Pimento Colby is made by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® Bill Hanson, and is just one of the company’s many award-winning Wisconsin cheeses. 
  • Available in 3-lb. and 6-lb. deli horns
  • Available in 14-lb. longhorns 
  • Available in 7-lb. split longhorns


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