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home to the world’s most awarded cheeses

For nearly 200 years, generations of Wisconsin dairy farmers have provided local cheesemakers with the superior quality milk they need to craft specialty cheese products. Rooted in European cheese-making traditions—and dedicated to innovation—Wisconsin cheese offers over 600 varieties, types and styles that deliver the performance professional kitchens need to please demanding customers. Menuing the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese® mark is a confirmation of quality and a statement that you believe in crafting your dishes with better tasting, better quality ingredients.

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Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin supports and promotes Wisconsin dairy and Proudly Wisconsin Cheese. The Proudly Wisconsin Cheese® mark is more than a logo. It’s a way to immediately communicate superior flavor and craftsmanship for any menu item that includes Wisconsin Cheese and shows consumers you care about the origin and quality of the ingredients you use.


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Chef Gillespie, a "fan favorite" from Top Chef and James Beard Award finalist, shares his passion for award-winning Wisconsin Cheese.



Wisconsin, A WORLD OF Cheese IN ONE STATE