Arena Cheese Inc.

300 Hwy 14
Arena, WI 53503
Arena Cheese, one of Wisconsin's oldest factories, is located in the Wisconsin River Valley within the lush, green, rolling hills of the Spring Green area. It's the proud home of the original co-jack cheese. In the long-standing reputation for this "Wisconsin Original" created in 1979, Arena's cheesemakers have crafted co-jack in the same location with the same recipe and cheesemaking techniques since its discovery more than three decades ago. Look out for the mouse (easily recognized in front of the cheese and gift store).


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Arena Cheese
300 Highway 14
Arena, WI 53503
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Master Cheesemakers At Arena Cheese Inc.

Bill Hanson
Bill Hanson
It all began at the age of 18, when Bill landed a summer job at a cheese plant. His entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to purchase a cheese plant in Arena with business partners, which laid the foundation of his 40-year career. Bill has earned certifications in gouda and Colby, an accomplishment in which both he and his customers take pride.
Master Cheesemaker Certified in: Colby, Gouda



Descriptors: Curds; White; Yellow
Forms: Curds; Deli/Mini Horn; Longhorn; Splithorn
Cheese Curds
Descriptors: Cajun; Cheddar; Curds; Garlic & Herb; Onion; Taco; Yellow
Forms: Curds
Descriptors: Jalapeno; Yellow
Forms: Deli/Mini Horn; Longhorn; Splithorn
Colby-Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Vegetable
Forms: Deli/Mini Horn; Longhorn; Splithorn
Descriptors: Mild; Smoked
Forms: Deli/Mini Horn
Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Habanero; Hot Pepper; Jalapeno; Vegetable
Forms: Longhorn; Splithorn

Dairy Ingredients:

Whey Ingredients
Whey Protein Concentrate
Descriptors: 34%


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Ronald Weil
300 Hwy 14
PO Box 136
Arena, WI 53503
Phone: 314-378-1738
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William Hanson
300 Highway 14
PO Box 136
Arena, WI 53503
Phone: 608-753-2501
Fax: 608-753-2545
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