Dupont Cheese, Inc.

N10140 Hwy 110
Marion, WI 54950
Dupont Cheese is a family-owned business where five generations of cheesemakers have been making cheese for over 45 years. Featuring cheeses made on location, you are guaranteed the best quality cheese around. Dupont also manufactures high-quality cheddar, fresh squeaky colby, monterey jack, gouda, smoked gouda, Rainbow, habanero and pepper cheese. They make fresh curds every Thursday and Friday, and cheeses are available through mail order. Visit the store and find out for yourself why they're Wisconsin's best kept secret!
Dupont Cheese Inc
N10140 Hwy 110
Marion, WI 54950



Descriptors: Aged 6 Months to 1 Year; Aged over 5 Years; Bacon; Beer; Curds; Garlic
Forms: 40-lb Block; Block, Other; Cube; Curds; Deli/Mini Horn; Longhorn
Cheese Curds
Descriptors: Cheddar; Colby; Curds
Forms: Curds
Descriptors: Bacon; Bacon & Onion; Cajun; Caraway; Curds; Dill; Garlic; Garlic & Onion; Onion; Plain; Smoked; Taco; Vegetable; White; Yellow
Forms: 40-lb Block; Block, Other; Cube; Curds; Deli/Mini Horn; Longhorn; Splithorn
Colby-Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Jalapeno; Marbled
Forms: Block, Other; Cube; Deli/Mini Horn; Longhorn; Splithorn
Descriptors: Bacon; Cajun; Caraway; Dill; Garlic; Garlic & Herb; Horseradish; Plain; Taco; Tomato & Garlic
Forms: Block, Other; Deli/Mini Horn
Descriptors: Apple Smoked
Forms: Deli/Mini Horn
Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Bacon; Bacon & Onion; Buffalo Wing; Cajun; Caraway; Cranberry; Dill; Garden Vegetable; Garlic; Garlic & Herb; Ghost Pepper; Habanero; Horseradish; Jalapeno; Pepper Jack; Plain; Salsa; Tomato & Garlic; Tomato Basil; Vegetable
Forms: 40-lb Block; Cube; Deli/Mini Horn; Longhorn

Dairy Ingredients:

Whey Ingredients
Descriptors: Condensed


Forms: Bulk 1/4 lb. Stick Spreadable 1 lb. Blocks
Varities: Salted Unsalted Kosher


  • Custom Manufacturing/Packaging Capabilities
  • Kosher
  • Private Label

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Jon Laack
N10140 Hwy 110
Marion, WI 54950
Phone: 715-754-5424
Fax: 715-754-1313
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