Pine River Pre-Pack

10134 Pine River Road
Newton, WI 53063
Located in the Wisconsin countryside, Pine River has been making award-winning cheese spreads and confections since 1963. This family owned and operated facility combines more than four generations of experience in the cheese business using today’s precision processing techniques to make cheese spreads. Exact manufacturing standards and their state-of-the-art cutter assure standout flavor and texture. Highly trained cheesemakers skillfully craft cheese spreads, and their keen eye for detail contributes to the delicacy and perfection of each and every batch. Pine River invites you to experience the quality and time-honored tradition of their fine products... and enjoy!


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Cold Pack
Descriptors: Asiago; Blue/Cheddar; Garden Vegetable; Garlic & Herb; Ghost Pepper; Green & Gold; Green & Gold with Beer; Horseradish; Hot Habanero; Jalapeno; Pepper Jack; Pimento; Port Wine; Sharp Cheddar; Smokey Bacon; Spicy Beer; Swiss Almond; Toasted Onion
Forms: Bulk; Ceramic Crock; Cup; Pail; Spread


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Mary Lindemann
10134 Pine River Road
Newton, WI 53063
Phone: 920-726-4216
Fax: 920-726-4207
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