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2903 3rd Street North
Monroe, WI 53566
For over 10 years, W&W has been providing delicious Mexican style cheeses throughout the United States. David Webster, one of the owners, learned how to make Mexican cheese directly from the source, a small manufacturer in Mexico. W&W Dairy's several varieties of cheese today include fresco, enchilada, quesadilla, quesadilla with jalapeño, shredded quesadilla, cotija and asadero. Newly added to the product line are cheddar-style, monterey jack-style & colby-style cheeses, and W&W's own label brand "Queso Del Rey." You may also know Queso Del Rey Fresco as the Gold Medal Winner from the 2012 World Championship Cheese Contest!


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Anejo Enchilado
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Forms: Block, Other; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Medium
Forms: 40-lb Block
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Forms: 1/4 Wheel; Grated; Loaf; Retail Cuts; Wheel
Descriptors: Mild
Forms: No Form Specified
Queso Blanco
Descriptors: Mild
Forms: Block, Other; Retail Cuts; Round
Queso Colombiano
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Forms: Loaf; Retail Cuts; Wheel
Queso Fresco
Descriptors: Mild
Forms: Crumbled; Loaf; Retail Cuts; Wheel
Queso Quesadilla
Descriptors: Jalapeno; Plain
Forms: 40-lb Block; Loaf; Retail Cuts; Round; Shredded; Wheel
Queso Seco
Descriptors: Medium
Forms: Grated; Retail Cuts; Wheel


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