Kelley Country Creamery

W5215 County Road B
Fond du Lac, WI 54937
Kelley Country Creamery’s old-fashioned premium ice cream is crafted in the Creamery on the dairy farmstead that has been part of the Kelley family since 1861. Karen and Tim Kelley, and their five children – Amie, Betsy, Heidi, Molly and Clark – operate this 200-acre farmstead dairy and tend the 65 Holsteins that provide the Grade A milk for their Creamery. The Kelley family has been churning homemade ice cream as a treat for generations, and now we are sharing our passion for great ice cream with other ice cream lovers like you. We use the farm-fresh, non-homogenized milk from our cows and carefully craft it with the recipes we have perfected, combine it with top quality local ingredients, and of course, Kelley TLC, to create premium ice cream that truly tastes homemade. Kelley Country Creamery is a special place, with a viewing window in the ice cream parlor so visitors can watch the ice cream being made, while enjoying their favorite flavors at the same time. And the Creamery’s old-fashioned sun porch is a perfect spot to experience Wisconsin’s countryside while viewing a working dairy from the hillside that overlooks the Kelley’s farm.


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Kelley Country Creamery
W5215 County Road B
Fond du Lac, WI 54937


Fluid Products:

Ice Cream
No Sugar Added
Descriptors: Vanilla3 gallon containers1 gallon containers1 pint containers1 qt. containers1/2 pint containers1/2 gallon containers
Descriptors: Chocolate ChipCheesecakeCoffeeMalted MilkSupermanMangoChocolatePiña ColadaBlueberry1 gallon containersCaramel Apple PieTurtleChocolate MaltNeapolitanHot ChocolateBananaChocolate Chip Cookie DoughStrawberry3 gallon containersBlack RaspberryChocolate Fudge SwirlBlack CherryVanillaButter PecanCaramel CashewBubble GumRocky RoadChocolate Peanut ButterAmarettoBlueberry CheesecakeMaple NutHeath ToffeePeanut ButterButterscotchPeppermintOrange Chocolate1 pint containersOrange Pineapple14 %Lemon Ice CreamSnickersChocolate Almond1 qt. containersPistachioMintButter BrickleBanana WalnutCappuccinoChocolate MarshmallowStrawberry CheesecakeBirthday CakeGerman Chocolate1/2 gallon containersBlack WalnutSalted CaramelVanilla BeanPineappleBluemoonPeachCoconutPumkinCookies & CreamCinnamon
Descriptors: 14 %Ice Cream BarsIce Cream PiesIce Cream Sandwiches
rBGH Free
Descriptors: 1/2 pint containers1/2 gallon containers14 %1 qt. containers1 gallon containers3 gallon containers1 pint containers
Descriptors: 1 qt. containers1 pint containers14 %1 gallon containers3 gallon containers1/2 pint containers1/2 gallon containers
Non Homogenized
Descriptors: 1/2 gallon containers1 qt. containers14 %3 gallon containers1 gallon containers1/2 pint containers1 pint containers

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Karen Kelley
W5215 County Road B
Fond du Lac, WI 54937
Phone: 920-923-1715
Fax: 920-923-1725
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