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Wisconsin Specialty Protein produces bulk whey protein concentrate and our consumer whey protein line under the tera'swhey brand. tera'swhey provides high quality, all natural, great tasting nutrition for a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Starting with carefully sourced whey from small family farms and artisan cheese makers in the dairy heartland of America - Wisconsin. Paired with simple, premium organic ingredients. Crafted in small batches at our green factory that touches the protein and the planet lightly. The perfect balance of trusted family farming and earth-friendly processing to create a true "artisan whey".


Dairy Ingredients:

Whey Ingredients
Sweet Dairy Whey
Descriptors: Dried
Whey Cream
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Whey Protein Concentrate
Descriptors: 80%rBGH FreeOrganicKosherNutritional Grade Protein Supplement
Descriptors: Kosher


  • Kosher
  • Organic

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222 West Washington Avenue
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