White Jasmine

PO Box 174
Mount Horeb, WI 53572
Founded by Huma Siddiqui in 2004, and now proudly run by both Huma and her son Samir Karimi, White Jasmine is a leader in creating and introducing new, exotic, and flavorful products for the market. White Jasmine Gouda cheeses are infused with Huma Siddiqui's exotic and signature spices. Three gouda cheeses, Tandoori, Sajji BBQ and Cumin are unique and enriched with outstanding flavors. All ingredients are natural, gluten-free and are chosen thoughtfully, using rBST free milk and absolutely no preservatives. White Jasmine supports products with frequent live demos, recipe ideas/cards, distributor discounts, and money-off coupons, so keep an eye out for these ways of trying your new favorite exotic cheeses!



Descriptors: Cumin; rBGH Free; Sajji BBQ; Tandoori
Forms: Half Moon; Longhorn


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Huma Siddiqui
PO Box 174
Mount Horeb, WI 53572
Phone: 608-225-0313
Fax: 608-531-1445
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