StoneRidge Wholesale Division

271 Industrial Dr.
Coloma, WI 54930
It all started when a group of experienced butchers and seasoned sausage-makers wanted to make some of the best meat products around. With this goal in mind, a team assembled to create what is now known as StoneRidge Piggly Wiggly, formerly known as StoneRidge Meat and Country Market, Inc. Since opening their wholesale division in 2008, they've been offering wholesale sales to a variety of businesses and organizations - from grocery stores to restaurants and gas stations to fundraisers. Choose from several product lines including over 90 varieties of cheese and over 200 varieties of sausage, smoked meats and bratwurst - and visit their store on the south side of Highway 21 for a beautiful, rustic shopping experience!
StoneRidge Piggly Wiggly
975 E Main St.
Wautoma, WI 54982



American (Pasteurized Processed)
Descriptors: Bacon; Hot Pepper; Onion; Salami
Forms: Block, Other; Loaf; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Mild
Forms: Shredded; Wedge
Baby Swiss
Descriptors: rBGH Free; Smoked
Forms: Block, Other; Loaf; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Aged Brick; Garlic; German-Style; Medium; Mild; Onion; Smoked
Forms: Loaf; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Mild
Forms: Loaf; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Aged 1 to 3 Years; Aged 2 to 4 Months; Aged 3 to 5 Years; Aged 4 to 6 Months; Aged 6 Months to 1 Year; Aged over 5 Years; Bacon; Blueberry; Caraway; Cherry; Chipotle; Cinnamon Apple; Cranberry; Curds; Extra Sharp; Horseradish; Jalapeno; Mango Fire; Medium; Mild; Sharp; Smoked; Smokey Bacon; Tomato Basil; Two-Tone Curds; Vegetable; White; Yellow
Forms: 40-lb Block; Bag; Block, Other; Brick; Curds; Retail Cuts
Cheese Curds
Descriptors: Black Pepper & Shallot; Bloody Mary; Buffalo Wing; Cajun; Cheddar; Curds; Garlic & Dill; Ghost Pepper; Hickory Hollow; Horseradish; Jalapeno; Jamaican Jerk; Mango Habanero; Pizza; Ranch; Salsa; Sassy BBQ; Shallot Black Pepper; Sour Cream & Onion; Taco; Tomato Basil; Two-Tone Curds; White; Yellow
Forms: Bag; Bulk
Chocolate Cheese Fudge
Descriptors: Cheddar
Forms: 40-lb Block; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Bacon; Cajun; Mild; Salami; Yellow
Forms: 40-lb Block; Loaf; Longhorn; Retail Cuts
Colby-Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Lightning Pepper; Marbled; Mild; Pepperoni
Forms: 40-lb Block; Brick; Loaf; Longhorn; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Forms: Longhorn
Cold Pack
Descriptors: Aged Asiago; Blue; Dairy Fudge; Garden Vegetable; Garlic & Herb; Ghost Pepper; Habanero; Horseradish; Hot Habanero; Jalapeno; Pepper Jack; Port Wine; Sharp Cheddar; Smokey Bacon; Spicy Beer; Swiss Almond; Toasted Onion
Forms: Cup
Descriptors: Plain; Tomato Basil; Vegetable
Forms: 40-lb Block; Loaf; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Low Fat; Plain; Tomato Basil
Forms: Block, Other; Crumbled; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Swedish Style
Forms: Retail Cuts; Wedge; Wheel
Descriptors: Cave Aged; Chipotle; Mild; Smoked
Forms: 40-lb Block; Retail Cuts; Wheel
Descriptors: Black Olive; Caraway; Dill; Green Olive; Herb; Horseradish; Jalapeno; Plain
Forms: Loaf; Retail Cuts
Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Buffalo Wing; Caesar; Caraway; Chipotle; Cinnamon Apple; Cranberry; Dill; Garden Vegetable; Garlic; Garlic & Herb; Garlic & Parsley; Ghost Pepper; Habanero; Horseradish; Jalapeno; Olive; Onion & Chive; Pepper Jack; Plain; Salsa; Taco; Tomato & Garlic; Tomato Basil
Forms: 40-lb Block; Loaf; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Mild
Forms: Loaf; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Bacon; Cranberry; Jalapeno; Mild
Forms: Loaf; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Aged 6 Months to 1 Year
Forms: Grated; Shaved; Shredded; Wedge
Descriptors: Aged 1 to 3 Years; Mild; Smoked
Forms: Deli/Mini Horn; Retail Cuts; Round
Descriptors: Aged 1 to 3 Years
Forms: Retail Cuts; Wedge
Descriptors: Plain; Smoked
Forms: Retail Cuts; String
Descriptors: Aged 1 to 3 Years; Aged 2 to 4 Months; Mild; Smoked; Sweet Amish
Forms: Block, Other; Loaf; Longhorn; Retail Cuts


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271 Industrial Dr.
Coloma, WI 54930
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