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In 1964, Gilberto Villaseñor and Ignacio Villaseñor accomplished a longstanding dream: to produce a fresh cheese that reflected the traditions of their native Mexico. The company they founded, V&V Supremo Foods, is now an industry leader in the fastest growing food category in both the retail and food service categories: premium, authentic Mexican-style food products. The family chose to make cheese in Wisconsin since it reminded them of their dairy rich state at home in Mexico. Now, it is also the oldest Hispanic family-run cheese manufacturer in the U.S. V&V Supremo oaxaca and Chihuahua Queso Quesadilla are manufactured in their Wisconsin cheese plant, Chula Vista Cheese Company. Today, 50+ years after their founding, V&V continues to preserve and share delicious traditions of the Mexican American Kitchen as well as cuisines of the world, one cheese at a time.


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Master Cheesemakers At V & V Supremo Foods-Chula Vista Cheese Company

Thomas Dahmen
Thomas Dahmen
Growing up above a dairy cooperative, Tom's first memories involve cheese making. Early work with his father, and his mentorship inspired Tom to pursue a career crafting cheese. In 2017 he celebrated, his first certification through the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker program. His experience started with the family operation (Stuart Cheese Factory), and continued to Mayer Cheese Factory, where he was Production Manager from 1977-1985. Tom went on to become Plant Manager at Fennimore Cheese Company, Lugano Cheese Company/Avonmore/Saputo, and Kolb-Lena Cheese Company. Currently, Tom is the Plant Manager for Chula Vista Cheese Company, and is a Certified Master Cheesemaker for Oaxaca and Quesadilla cheese. He's pleased to have received multiple awards contests at local, State, National and world-wide levels. Tom holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from UW Whitewater.
Master Cheesemaker Certified in: Oaxaca, Queso Quesadilla
Tom Dahmen
Tom Dahmen
Tom grew up in the dairy industry, living above a cooperative and working in his father’s cheese plant. After a hiatus to pursue other career options, he returned to cheesemaking, his true calling. He’s now a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker®, specializing in Oaxaca and queso quesadilla cheese, certifications he sought out to honor his father’s legacy. Tom is the plant manager at Chula Vista/V&V Supremo in Browntown.
Master Cheesemaker Certified in: Oaxaca, Queso Quesadilla



Descriptors: rBGH Free
Forms: Ball; String
Queso Quesadilla
Descriptors: Jalapeno
Forms: Block, Other; Loaf; Retail Cuts; Round; Shredded


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