Gile Cheese, LLC / Carr Cheese Factory

116 N Main St
Cuba City, WI 53807
Carr Cheese Factory, a small cheese plant that produces small vats of excellent quality cheese, has been operated by the Gile Family since 1946. They've received numerous awards for their baby swiss, colby, cheddar, monterey jack, colby jack and many flavored cheeses. Try one of their many Wisconsin varieties: you'll find cheddar, cheddar cheese curd, tomato-basil cheddar, garlic-onion cheddar, mild colby, 50-50 (colby jack), monterey jack, pepper jack, pesto jack, habanero jack and garden vegetable jack, baby swiss, reduced fat & sodium baby swiss, reduced fat & sodium cheddar, and lacy baby swiss. And, you'll find fresh cheese curds in their shop once every week!


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Gile Cheese, LLC
116 N. Main Street
Cuba City, WI 53807



Baby Swiss
Descriptors: Part Skim; Reduced Fat; Reduced Sodium
Forms: Loaf; Wheel
Descriptors: Aged Brick; Butter Brick; Garlic; German-Style; Mild; Surface Ripened; White; Wisconsin-Style
Forms: Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Curds; Garlic & Onion; Mild; Reduced Fat; White; Yellow
Forms: 40-lb Block; Curds; Loaf
Cheese Blends (excl. Colby-Monterey Jack)
Descriptors: Blue/Cheddar; Cheddar/Colby/Colby-Jack/Monterey Jack
Forms: Block, Other
Cheese Curds
Descriptors: Cheddar; Curds
Forms: Curds
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Forms: 40-lb Block; Block, Other; Retail Cuts
Colby-Monterey Jack
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Forms: Block, Other; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Smoked; Vegetable
Forms: Deli/Mini Horn
Descriptors: Hickory Smoked; Plain
Forms: Loaf
Lacy Swiss
Descriptors: Mild; Reduced Fat
Forms: Loaf
Descriptors: Aged 2 to 4 Months; Aged 4 to 6 Months; Medium; Mild; Sharp
Forms: Bar
Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Chipotle; Dill; Garden Vegetable; Garlic; Habanero; Hot Pepper; Jalapeno; Olive; Pepper Jack; Pesto; Sweet Basil; Vegetable
Forms: 40-lb Block; Block, Other; Retail Cuts
Descriptors: Smoked
Forms: Loaf
Descriptors: Colored Rind; Jalapeno; Plain
Forms: Loaf
Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food
Descriptors: American; Bacon; Caraway; Garlic; Horseradish; Hot Pepper; Onion; Pepper; Pizza; Roasted Garlic; Salami; Smokey; Smokey Swiss & Cheddar; Swiss/Rye
Forms: Block, Other
Pasteurized Processed Cheese Spread
Descriptors: Bacon; Bacon Cheddar; Blue; Cheddar; Garden Vegetable; Garlic; Garlic & Herb; Herb; Horseradish; Hot Pepper; Limburger; Onion; Port Wine; Sharp Cheddar; Smokey; Swiss Almond
Forms: Cup
Descriptors: Aged 1 to 3 Years; Smoked
Forms: Round; Salame
Descriptors: Hot Pepper; Pepper; Plain; Smoked
Forms: Rope; Stick; Whips
Descriptors: Aged; Aged 1 to 3 Years; Aged 3 to 5 Years; Medium; Mild; Sharp; Smoked
Forms: Loaf; Sandwich Cut

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Tim Gile
116 N Main St
Cuba City, WI 53807
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