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6519 Larson Rd
South Wayne, WI 53587
Established over 100 years ago, Valley View Cheese Co-Op is still in business today at the same original location. Current cheesemaker Hans Lehner has been in business since 1979. After learning the art of cheesemaking from his father, Billi, a Swiss immigrant, together they went on to win numerous awards at the state, national and international level, including U.S. and World Championships! Valley View specializes in high-quality and very tasteful cheeses. Two cheesemakers on staff have won the coveted H.P. Mulloy Award, a top honor, and today a 3rd generation cheesemaker has joined the team, Lehner's own son Hansi Lehner Jr., who has won awards at the U.S. Cheese Championship himself!


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Descriptors: Whole Milk
Forms: Loaf; Round
Descriptors: Reduced Fat; White
Forms: Loaf; Round
Descriptors: Caraway; Dill; Double Cream (60%); Horseradish; Horseradish & Chives; Jalapeno; Kosher; Pesto; Plain; rBGH Free; Reduced Fat
Forms: Loaf
Descriptors: Caraway; Colored Rind; Hot Pepper; Kosher; Low Sodium; Medium; Plain; rBGH Free; Reduced Fat; Uncolored Rind; White
Forms: Block, Other; Loaf; Round; Wheel
Pizza Cheese
Descriptors: Reduced Fat
Forms: Block, Other; Loaf
Queso Quesadilla
Descriptors: Jalapeno
Forms: Block, Other; Loaf


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