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Back in 1910, a group of local family farms looked to establish a consistent, trustworthy market for their rBST-free milk and Maple Leaf Cheese Co-op was born. Fast forward to the present, Maple Leaf is still locally farmer-owned and recently celebrated 100 years in the cheesemaking business. Cheeses at Maple Leaf reflect the pride and care exhibited by small family farms that utilize quality milk to make handcrafted cheeses... and it's something you can taste in their delicious small batch cheeses. From traditional cheddar (you'll love the Gold Medal World Champion English Hollow cheddar) to the best-selling cranberry white cheddar, Maple Leaf is sure to please the most avid cheese lover. Maple Leaf's own Master Cheesemakers also craft award-winning "jack" cheeses with award-winning monterey jack. We recommend the flavored jacks with chipotle and habanero. They're sure to heat up your next party.


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Master Cheesemakers At Maple Leaf Cheesemakers, Inc.

Jeff Wideman
Jeff Wideman
Jeff’s rise to Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® was a community effort. He grew up on a dairy farm and worked for the local dairy cooperative, where he met two expert Swiss cheesemakers: Han Jaeggi and Sep Jaeggi. What followed was Jeff’s lifelong devotion to making premium cheeses. Jeff leads Maple Leaf Cheese with his certifications for Monterey jack and cheddar.
Master Cheesemaker Certified in: Cheddar, Monterey Jack
Paul Reigle
Paul Reigle
Paul is the type to set lofty goals. His ultimate one was to master all the primary varieties made at Maple Leaf Cheese. In 2014, he accomplished that goal. Paul is now certified for yogurt cheese, Monterey jack, gouda and cheddar, and is a three-time graduate of the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® program.
Master Cheesemaker Certified in: Cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack, Yogurt Cheese



Descriptors: Aged 1 to 3 Years; Aged 6 Months to 1 Year; Blueberry; Cherry; Cinnamon Apple; Cranberry; Extra Sharp; Horseradish; Kosher; Medium; Mild; Natural; Organic; Pasteurized; rBGH Free; Sharp; Smoked; White; Whole Milk; Wisconsin-Style; Yellow
Forms: 40-lb Block; Block, Other; Bulk; Loaf; Print; Retail Cuts; Shredded; Slices; Stick; Wedge; Wheel
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Forms: Block, Other; Print; Retail Cuts; Wheel
Descriptors: No Descriptor Specified
Forms: Block, Other; Loaf; Retail Cuts; Slices; Wheel
Descriptors: Swedish Style
Forms: 1/2 Wheel
Descriptors: Kosher; rBGH Free; Smoked
Forms: Block, Other; Bulk; Loaf; Retail Cuts; Round; Shredded; Slices; Wedge; Wheel
Monterey Jack
Descriptors: Chipotle; Habanero; Jalapeno; Kosher; Pasteurized; Pepper Jack; rBGH Free; Red Peppers; Reduced Fat; White
Forms: 40-lb Block; Block, Other; Ends; Loaf; Print; Retail Cuts; Shredded; Slices; Stick; Wedge; Wheel
Yogurt Cheese
Descriptors: Jalapeno; Lactose Free; Pasteurized; rBGH Free; Reduced Sodium; Tomato Basil
Forms: Block, Other; Shredded; Slices; Stick; Wheel


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